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Ask almost any underground Hip Hop fan about Bay Area hip hop producer Deeskee and you will find that his list of accomplishments speak volumes. With a body of work consisting of 200+ releases it is safe to say that you have at least one in your collection. East Coast, West Coast and Worldwide Deeskee’s name is shared in the discographies of literally a thousand artists both unknown and iconic.

He has produced music for contemporaries such as The Shapeshifters, 2mex,Busdriver, Xololanxinxo, Nocando, Ellay Khule, Murs, Joe Dub, Maleko, Rakaa Iriscience, Celph Titled, and Sick Jacken as well as pioneers such as Brother J (X-Clan), B-Real (Cypress Hill), Fatlip (The Pharcyde), Volume 10, Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Sach (The Nonce) and many, many others in between.

“I make every record thinking of how it’ll sound in 10 years, not next week.”